A must for hiking and nature enthusiasts; ice walks through Johnston and Grotto Canyon offer remarkable views and an opportunity to learn about this fascinating geological area. This is a memorable and affordable winter tour for the whole family which includes hotel pickup from Banff, snacks and a guide to take you through the entire story of the region.

All tour guests are provided with ice cleats for the hike as you will actually walk on frozen streams and trails. Walk along frozen creek beds (Grotto Canyon), around native rock art and right up to the gorgeous weeping ice falls.

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Remarkable Views

johnston canyon icewalk

Created over centuries of natural progression, these canyons and waterfalls freeze into stunning and surreal sights. Immense water columns frozen in time as they plunge into solid pools far below, so come get your breath taken away by the beauty of Johnston and Grotto canyon.

Steel walkways and vantage points give a spectacular view of this unique natural freezing along with the wildlife that comes through. Johnston Canyon can also be visited at night where powerful lights illuminate the ice formations and offer the most stunning pictures anywhere. All paths and trails are well lit and safe for night time visitation.

Guided Tours

grotto canyon icewalk

Hiking alongside experienced and knowledgeable guides you learn about the history behind these unique geological features. You will be guided up frozen streams and towards all of the most remarkable visuals in the canyon.

This educational experience is exciting for kids with great views and fascinating natural history stories. Having a guided tour is a great way to get out and learn about the region on a budget.

Your Own Pace

banff icewalks

The hiking trials are open to the public, so if you want to go at your own pace we rent ice cleats and provide information about where to locate the best scenery. Stop by the Banff Adventures office to get fitted for rentals and our knowledgeable team will help you make the most of your ice walk.

We have information on the directions, paths and trails required to take your own adventure through the Rocky Mountains canyons.