Private Lessons are designed with one thing in mind... you! Learn what you want, where you want, when you want. 

You choose the time, the skills you want to improve, and the terrain you want to cover. For all ability levels. To make the most out of your private lesson, groups must be made up of the same discipline and the same ability level.

Please Note

  • Mt. Norquay is priced per person. Additional people in group are $59 (up to 4 people per group).
  • Sunshine Village and Lake Louise take up to 5 people per group and the price is based per group. 
  • Groups must be of the same discipline either all ski or all snowboard
  • Groups must be of similar ability levels
      Ski Lesson Snowboard Lesson
1 Hour Private Lesson $159 $160 - -
2 Hour Private Lesson $239 $325 $279 $259
3 Hour Private Lesson $299 $415 $389 $359
Full Day Lesson (4 hours)     $625 $569
Full Day Lesson (5 hours) $489 $689