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Dogsledding Banff & Lake Louise

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind way to experience the Rockies? Grab the reigns and say “mush” as you race across fresh powder on a heart pumping, thrill inducing, dogsled adventure!

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Banff, Alberta is known as Canada’s ultimate outdoor playground, especially during the winter months. Home to world famous peaks, trails, ski hills, lakes, and more, each year, thousands of eager guests flock to the area to experience the natural beauty that fills the park. With plenty of ways to explore and enjoy, there’s always a new way to make new memories with your loved ones, all winter long! Dogsledding is one of the most popular activities in the area during the winter months, offering participants a unique way to experience the wilderness and have a howling good time!

Dogsledding is a very popular winter activity, especially during the festive season. This activity does sell out so please book early to avoid disappointment!


Dogsled tours operate in the Banff region from December through to April (weather dependending) each year. After you bundle up and learn the ropes, our guides will treat sledders to a thrill run along carefully selected trails that grant you unbeatable views of some of the most beautiful areas in the region. Suitable for the whole family (ages 2 and up) dogsledding is sure to leave you with life long memories and plenty of stories to swap as you warm back up from your adventure later on!


Dogsled TOURS


Most Popular Tour



Spend time on a spectacular mountain trail with your sled team. It's a howling good time and not to be missed! Tours depart from Canmore. 2 hour tour.

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Thrill of mushing



There is plenty of time to get to know the dogs and your guide, and take in the magnificent snowy scenery. Tours depart from Lake Louise. 1.5 hour tour.

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Take a journey



Loop through the forested mountain valley trails on this one of a kind winter experience! Tours depart from Canmore. 2 hour tour.

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About Dogsledding

As a tradition dating back to the early 1800’s, dogsledding has an important role in Canada’s history. Transporting vital goods during the fur trade era and more, sled dogs use an incredible mix of brain and brawn to overcome polar temperatures and race across the snow.

While the use of dogsledding for day to day needs may largely be a thing of the past, today you can find these highly trained and friendly animals welcoming guests from all over the world to the Great White North. Perfect for adventurers of all ages and activity levels, dogsledding is an incredible experience that allows you to see the Rockies like never before.


What to expect

Our Unleash the Musher dogsled tour is guided and offers the option to help harness the dogs, hook up the team, and help drive the team. Please note that it is important that all participants dress appropriately for weather conditions for your safety (ski wear is suitable, including gloves and goggles). All participants will also be weighed to ensure that sled capacity abides by suitable limits for the safety of guests as well as the dogs. Tours include hot chocolate and a light refreshment. The Great Divide Dogsled Tour departs from Lake Louise and participants must make their own way there. Unleash the Musher is a great tour that departs from Canmore and heads to Spray Lakes and the Mountain Musher Tour meets at Spray Lakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Early Should I Book My Tour
    As early as possible. Dogsledding is our most popular tour and fills up quickly during the winter months. While we always do our best to accommodate everyone, booking early is the best way to avoid disappointment.
  2. Can I Bring My Little Ones
    Yes! Dogsledding is suitable for children ages 2 and up with an adult accompanying them.
  3. How Should I Dress To Stay Warm?
    For your comfort and safety on the tour, it's important to wear suitable winter clothing, including ski goggles, gloves, snow pants, a warm ski jacket, etc. Sledding leaves you exposed to the elements and travels at high speeds through snow that sprays up, so having the proper protection is crucial.
  4. Do You Provide Transportation?
    Transportation from Banff is not included. For the Unleash the Musher tour, guests must been at the office in Canmore and will be shuttled to the activity site. For the Mountain Musher tour, guests must meet at the activity site. And for the Great Divide Tour, guests meet at the activity site in Lake Louise.


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