Two people in heart canyon holding onto a rope
A man walking through water on a canyon tour
A man walking up a canyon holding a rope on a canyon tour

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May - Sep
Min age 12yrs/14yrs

Join one of the most unique and incredible adventures found in the Canadian Rockies. Pick from 2 amazing canyon tours, venturing into either Heart Canyon or Ghost Canyon. 

If you are looking to try canyoning for the first time then this is the trip for you! Upper Heart Canyon provides provides an ideal location to learn rappelling and ease into canyoning. The Ghost is our premier canyon experience and is one of the most secluded, wild and spectacular canyons you’ll experience anywhere! Participants do not require any previous rope or rappelling experience, you must however be relatively comfortable with heights.

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Heart Creek Canyon Tour

Adult (18+): $195 Youth (15-17): $175 Child (12-14): $165

Ghost Canyon Tour

Adult (18+): $295 Youth (14-17): $275
  • Due to the active nature of this trip we require all participants to be at least 12 years of age for the Heart Canyon Trip and 14 years of age for the Ghost Canyon Trip. Participants do not require any previous rope or rappelling experience, they must though be relatively comfortable with heights.
  •  High quality equipment (wetsuits) and canyon specific gear is provided. Please wear light hiking boots or running shoes.Please bring a bathing suit.
  • Both tours meet at the Heart Canyon Trail head parking lot. There is a (4x4) shuttle available for the Ghost Canyon Tour from this point.
  • Guest to guide ratio is 1:8

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