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Are you ready to get your pulse racing on a high octane alpine adventure? Rev up and hit the trails for a thrilling snowmobile tour with Banff Adventures!

Home to snowcapped peaks, sweeping panoramas and endless areas to explore, Banff National Park is the ultimate playground. Each year, thousands of guests flock to the Rockies to experience the wonder of the great outdoors. With hundreds of miles of trails and fresh powder to explore, Banff and the surrounding area have plenty to offer explorers seeking a heart pumping adventure! This winter, tackle the mountains like never before on a snowmobile tour that’s sure to help you make incredible memories while satisfying even the most experienced of adrenaline junkies! From half-day jaunts to full-day fun, Banff Adventures has you covered.


Banff Adventures offers multiple snowmobile tours designed to showcase the wonder of the Rockies. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a first time driver, our guides will help you let loose and have fun while exploring in the deep, fresh, powder that surrounds Golden and Panorama, BC. Travel through powdery terrain and take in the stunning views, all while getting an adrenalin fix!




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Ride groomed, senic trails to the top at 8000ft. This tour is full of amazing views! No experience necessary. Includes free time in Paradise Bowl.

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Wind along the mountain trails and take in the breathtaking scenery and fast paced fun. This half day tour is perfect for first time adventurers. In Golden, BC.

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Kicking Horse Snowmobile Tour

Ultimate Mountain Experience



Based out of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, BC, enjoy a full day guided tour on breathtaking trails to Wiseman Lake. Includes lunch and free time.

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For the experienced rider


$504 - $624

Experience the thrill of exploring backcountry terrain on a high performance mountain sled. Go where the pros go!

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Snowmobiling from Banff

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to tackle the Rockies while taking in the scenery and getting your fair share of powder, snowmobiling is an the activity for you! Why not combine your love of adventure with unparalleled views of the three surrounding mountain regions, countless lakes, and even the local wildlife? Zoom through inches of fresh snow following our experienced guides on either a half or full day excursion that everyone is sure to remember! Glide and swoop across tested trails and bowls on eco-friendly 600cc 4-stroke snowmobiles with easy to use controls and heated hand-grips. With snacks (half and full day) and lunch (full day), we’ll keep you fuelled up and ready to go!


What to expect

As Banff National Park is a protected natural area that does not allow snowmobiles within the limits of the park, all snowmobiling tours operate out of Golden and Panorama, BC. Transportation can be provided from Banff for our Full Day trip options. We offer both half and full-day excursions with tours ranging in length from 2-5 hours, with a minimum age of 16 years old for drivers and 5 years old for passengers. Please note that Panorama and Golden are approximately 2 hours from Banff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your age requirements? Do I need to have experience?
    Drivers must be at least 16 years old, with passengers being a minimum of 5 years or older. Experience is not necessary for the majority of our tours, however advanced tours do require previous experience operating a snowmobile.
  2. How long are your tours?
    Tours range in length from 2.5 hours (half day) to 4 hours for a full day tour. This does not include travel time to the site.
  3. Is food provided?
    Light snacks are provided for the half day option, and a lunch is included for full day tours.
  4. Can I snowmobile in Banff National Park?
    No. As a protected National Park, snowmobiling or the use of other off-road vehicles is strictly prohibited within park limits. All of our Snowmobile tours depart from either Panorama, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort or Golden, BC. They are all approximately 2 hours from Banff.
  5. Are half day tours available?
    Yes, we do offer half day tours, however as the travel time to the snowmobile locations is 2 - 2.5 hours, we recommend guests to a full day tour. Otherwise you will be spending the same amount of time getting there as on a tour. However, if you really want a half day option, please contact our reservation agents on 403 762 4554. They will be happy to assist you.


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