Banff Adventures - Ski & Board Rentals


Banff Adventures has rentals at affordable rates and we use top quality downhill equipment, providing the best possible setup for a safe and thrilling ride. We provide rental packages based on the ability and confidence of our customers, ensuring a fun yet challenging ski and snowboard experience. These range from the most basic, most beginner levels up through to advanced downhill packages for very accomplished riders.

Equipment Rental Packages include: Skis, Boots & Poles Or Snowboard & Boots


Junior  Rental 

 Adult Sports Rental

Adult Mid Performance Rental

Adult High Performance Rental
1 Day $20 $32 $48 $65
2 Day $36 $57.60 $86.40 $117
3 Day $54 $86.40 $129.60 $175.50
4 Day $68 $108.80 $163.20 $221
5 Day $85 $136 $204 $276.25

*Child age is 6-12 yrs. All child rental packages include a helmet. Price is per day and ranges from basic to premuim equipment

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