Heli skiing is the pinnacle of extreme downhill ski and snowboard experiences. The Rocky Mountains of Alberta and BC fly more heli skiing tours than anywhere in the world because of the remarkable mountain conditions and various helicopter services available.

Usually reserved for intermediate and advanced ski and snowboard enthusiasts, helicopter services can take you to the freshest, most spectacular downhill environments in the world.

Heli Skiing is the experience of a lifetime, and the Rocky Mountains offer some of the most challenging and breathtaking downhill rides in the world.

These packaged tours are guide supported and offer multiple drops per day, maximizing your heliskiing experience. Individuals are grouped around their ski and snowboard skill level, optimizing the pace of your ride around your ability. Banff Adventures has activity packages that run out of Golden and Panorama to offer the best in deep powder riding.

Guides and Safety

The process of heli skiing has risks; therefore standards exist that protect you every step of the way. Certified guides understand the routes, safe procedures and ways for you to maximize your enjoyment. These experienced ski and snowboard professionals also monitor avalanche warnings and mountain conditions, ensuring the best possible conditions for your downhill experience.

You will be briefed on the all precautions prior to start, planning the trail, the pace and the stops associated with your heli skiing adventure. This includes safety instructions, rescue procedures and what to do in the case of an emergency.

All the helicopters are strictly maintained and pilots are all seasoned experts in mountain flying. These skilled operators are also trained in rescue scenarios, communications practices and how to recognize weather or mountain risks.

Groups and Pace

Downhill riding is always more fun at your pace, going as fast or as patiently as you desire. To create the most enjoyable and safe heli skiing experience, we group individuals with similar experience to provide the best pace for everyone.

Most skiers and boarders using the helicopter service should be intermediate or better and groups range from five to ten downhill riders at a time, grouped by skill and experience. Heli Skiing packages generally run three or five drops per day, providing time to familiarize yourself with sensation of powder skiing, runs and the optimal downhill riding pace.

What You Need To Bring

Though some of the packages include rentals for powder skis and fittings, you should have cold weather ski clothing as the higher elevations offer little protection from wind. Warm winter jacket, gloves, hat and snow pants are all necessary in having a comfortable downhill ride. Having goggles is very important to help with the brightness encountered at the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.