Banff Adventures - Winter Grotto Mountain Cave Tours

Ready to explore the great outdoors like never before? Discover the hidden secrets of the Rocky Mountains by descending beneath Grotto Mountain and venturing through one of the longest cave systems in Canada. Perfect for year-round expeditions, these tours treat guests to incredible views of natural limestone formations include stalagmites and more.

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the Rockies, caving is a fantastic way to learn more about the natural history of the area while satisfying your inner adventurist. Follow our guides through 4km of underground wonder. Keep your eyes peeled for fossils and ancient bones; you never know what you’ll find!




Stalagmites & stalactites



Visit this exciting underground world with a descent into a cave on Grotto Mountain. Come see the ancient rock and mineral formations in this unique winter activity. This is a 4.5 hour tour

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Adventure Cave Tour

Includes rappelling



Enter into large chambers, locate mineral formations, animal bones and fossils and make your way into the "Grotto" to discover and examine stalagmites and stalactites and a crystal clear pool. 6 hour tour.

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Cave Tours near Banff

Located within the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta is a must visit location for outdoor enthusiast and those who love the natural rugged beauty of the mountains. Containing two main mountain regions, there is adventure around every corner, and perfect for families, adrenaline junkies, and everyone in between to explore! Grotto Mountain is one of the more famous peaks in the area, under which lays the fascinating rats nest cave and as well as its namesake grotto. Climb, crawl, and wiggle your way through this limestone wonder and let your inner explorer shine!


What to expect

Banff Adventures caving tours are suitable for participants ages 10 (Explorer Tour) or 12 (Adventure Tour) and up and depart from nearby Canmore, Alberta (transportation is not provided). Our highly experienced guides will ensure you are trained as to how to navigate the cave and lead you through a daring adventure that showcases ancient rock and mineral formations, stalagmites and stalactites, and a stunning crystal clear pool. Please note that while there is no experience required for this tour, there is a 30 minute hike to the cave entrance and there are no walkways, handrails, or interior lighting within the cave itself. For this reason, we recommend a good level of fitness for all participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Should I Wear?
    Dress warm! As the caves are located underground, the consistent temperature is roughly 5°C (41°F) year round. You’ll want to add a few layers to your outfit, but most importantly, should wear good boots meant to handle slippery surfaces.
  2. Are Caving Tours Family Friendly?
    While we do allow adventurers as young as 10 and 12 to join in on spelunking, it’s important to note that caving is a strenuous activity. Ensure your youngest members are capable of handling both the 30 minute hike to the cave, as well as a 4.5 tour within the cave itself.
  3. Are Snacks Provided?
  4. What Other Activity Options Do You Have?
    Lots! Banff Adventures has a wide selections of tours and packages available all year round!


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