The truly wild side of the Banff National Park; encounter the animals in their environment like no zoo can deliver. Get as close to the action as possible in a safe and comfortable manner. Whether you want to learn more about the animals, or take a break from civilization, the wildlife tours are a fun, family activity to for the whole family.

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Iconic Canadian Animals

The Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park offer some of the most treasured and iconic natural elements in Canada. Grizzly bears, big horn sheep, moose, elk, and a variety of other majestic creatures can be found in the park.

These tours are a must for active nature lovers, adventurous children or tourists interested in taking in a uniquely Canadian sight!

Protecting Against Threats

There are significant threats globally to the preservation of animals and habitat, whether it is the enclosing of human developments, deforestation, warming or hunting. Parks Canada has established invaluable land and animal preserves to protect these areas and ensure future generations of Canadians and international visitors can experience them

National Parks

The Canadian government has invested into world class parks that accommodate millions of tourists annually. Supported with clean and accessible amenities, camp grounds, sightseeing trails and tours, exploring the Rocky Mountains and in particular Banff National Park, is safe and affordable. There are also very well equipped research centers positioned in these national parks to better help you learn what the government is doing to protect Canadian wildlife.

Some of the gorgeous parks available to tourists:

  • Banff National Park (our backyard)
  • Glacier National Park
  • Kootenay National Park
  • Yoho National Park
  • Revelstoke National Park
  • Jasper National Park


It may appear difficult to squeeze something educational into a family trip or holiday, but when you combine exceptional tours with unforgettable animals, a wildlife tour becomes a valuable addition to your trip. Safaris and guided tours are provided by experienced and entertaining leaders, people who make it fun to learn.