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Nature enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the rugged landscapes through Banff National Park and Lake Louise. All of our hiking tours are led by certified, highly trained guides that will lead you through, Larch Valley, Sunshine Meadows, overtop the Stanley Glacier, and around Consolation Lakes. Explore old growth forests, sweeping viewpoints, and various trails and habitats that showcase Canada's biodiversity.

Included with all our guided tours is transportation to and from the hiking sites, qualified guides and a packed lunch to ensure you stay well fuelled and hydrated throughout your day. We have guided hikes available for various ages, ability and experience....from a leisurely stroll to more challenging traverse, our tours offer something for every type of hiking lover.


Hike to classic locations in the Banff, Lake Louise area. Share our passion for the mountains with our local, enthusiastic mountain guides who will explore trails in Yoho, Larch Valley, Stanley Glacier, Plain of 6 Glaciers and Sunshine Meadows. Or even take a helihike!




explore with a guide



Choose from our 4 different hiking locations – from moderate to challenging.

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Heli up, hike down!



Visit a high alpine meadow where you’ll have fantastic alpine hiking. Fly up and hike down!

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Sunshine Meadows Hike

High Alpine Lakes and fields of wildflowers



The Sunshine Meadows have miles of uncrowded trails above the tree line.

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Hiking Tours in Banff

Banff National Park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, protecting and preserving over 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 square miles) in the Canadian Rockies. Our hiking tours are designed with safety as a priority to ensure visitors are able to experience Banff’s breathtaking beauty while upholding the preservation of this natural treasure for future generations.


What to expect

Our hiking guides are some of the best in the business. We’ve scouted hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging to showcase the picturesque splendour of the Canadian Rockies. We have a range of mountain, lake, and glacier guided hiking tours, and our heli-hiking tour offers a fantastic opportunity to visit some of Banff National Park's off-the-beaten-path trails along mountain meadows and ridges.

What to Expect

  1. What should I bring on the hiking tour?
    Comfortable walking shoes are a must (think of what you’d be comfortable wearing for at least 4-6 hours without discomfort). Plan to wear weather-appropriate clothing as well as a light jacket for windier sections on the trails.
  2. Do you provide transportation to and from the hiking tour sites?
    Definitely! We have arranged a number of pick-up spots at hotels around Banff to transport our guests to our hiking sites.
  3. How much food and water should I bring?
    All of our hiking tours provide food and beverages, ranging from small snacks to a packed lunch. We always recommend bringing a reusable bottle for water to stay well hydrated.


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