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You’ve admired the Rocky Mountains from the ground — now experience them from the sky! Book one of our premium helicopter flight tours to see Banff National Park as you’ve never seen it before. Soar over snow-covered peaks, glittering lakes and lush forests. Marvel at the myriad glaciers hanging from mountain cliffs, and see a birds-eye view of how the mountains and valleys have been shaped over millions of years.

Our helicopter tours include both sightseeing flights over the Goat Pass and Sundance Valley mountain ranges and longer private excursions that include passing by hanging glaciers and the Three Sisters in Canmore to a stopover in the Marvel Pass 7,200 feet above sea level. You won't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime view of the Rockies!


Helicopter flights near Banff National Park offer a unique way to view the stunning scenery of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. Join us for a once in a life time scenic experience. Choose from a 25 min, 35 min, 45 min flight time or enjoy a private flight for 2 with a stopover! Helicopter Tours operate year round.




25 minute flight



Escape to the Spray Valley and overlook the Goat Mountain range.

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35 minute flight



Get up and personal with the Gloria Glacier as it tumbles off of Mount Assiniboine.

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45 minute flight



Journey to new heights, along high mountain peaks, and lush valleys.

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Flight with Stop Over

Per Couple


Three Sisters, the Spray Reservoir, Marvel Lake and the famous Mount Assiniboine with a stop over

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Heli up, hike down!



Visit a high alpine meadow where you’ll have fantastic alpine hiking. Fly up and hike down!

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THREE spectacular flights



Tours depart from the amazing Columbia Icefield & range from 20 - 55 minutes in length. 

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Helicopter Flights in Banff

The Alberta mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies are some of the tallest in North America and include the famous Mount Assiniboine, also known as the “Matterhorn of the Rockies”, and Banff’s highest peak Mt. Forbes, which stands at an impressive 11,850 feet (3,612 metres). The Canadian Rockies cover an area of roughly 180,000 sq km (69,000 sq mi), stretching as far as you can see as you soar high above the tallest peaks on our of our helicopter flights.


What to expect

Banff Adventures offers five different helicopter tours, with various activities such as hiking and sightseeing stopovers included with some of our packages. You’ll be able to learn more about the Canadian Rockies from the sky and observe firsthand how erosion has shaped the mountain ranges over time. These tours are a photographer's delight, and also perfect for romantic getaways to the top of the world.

What to Expect

  1. Typically how long are your helicopter tours?
    Our helicopter tours run from 12 minutes to as long as 2.5 hours, depending on the distance and stopover activities involved.
  2. How many people can I book for a helicopter tour?
    Each helicopter can hold up to five people at a time. Larger groups would involve more than one helicopter. Our Marvel Pass tour is a private tour designed for two people.
  3. For the helicopter and hiking excursions, what type of clothing and footwear should I bring?
    We recommend wearing clothing that suits the weather, along with unexpected weather changes that may occur. Summer months typically call for comfortable walking shoes and a light windbreaker for the breeze at the mountain summit, as well as some comfortable layers for warmth.
  4. Can you still see the view with cloudy and rainy weather?
    Definitely! While cloud cover and rain may obstruct the views further away, most days you will still be able to see for some distance from the mountain summit.


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