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Stunning views, soaring peaks, and crystal blue waters as far at the eye can see. If you’re looking to relax and unwind while basking in the beauty of nature, there’s no better place to reconnect with the great outdoors than Banff, Alberta. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, this laid-back mountain town is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace the call of the wild! Whether you’re looking for heart pumping adventure or for a chance to slow down and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains, there’s truly something here for everyone to enjoy.

For those looking for family-friendly options when it comes to sightseeing, float trips are an amazing way to tour the Bow Valley. Float past lush green forests, incredible natural formations, and soak in the beauty of the Rockies while your guides helps you learn more about the history of the region. Grab your life jacket and get ready to ease down the river in style.

River floats are a serene activity that is accessible for the whole family. Our passenger rafts are equipped for your comfort and even feature elevated wood floorboards so your shoes can stay dry! Bring along your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery of the Bow Valley and prepare for a relaxing ride that’s the perfect way to unwind in the mountains.




Perfect for families



Scenic guided float trips on the Bow River within Banff National Park. Tours travel approx 7 km down stream encountering excellent views of Sleeping Buffalo, Cascade and Tunnel Mountains.

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Float Trips in Banff

The Bow Valley encompasses both the Canmore and Banff area, and is home to incredible vistas as well as a vibrant community of local wildlife. With the infamous Three Sisters painting a picturesque backdrop, naturally formed Hoodoos and no shortage of local history to take in, participants will be treated to unfiltered Canadian beauty that’s sure to wow and delight the whole crew. Ideal for the entire family, from young children to seniors that prefer lower impact tours, floating down the Bow River is sure to leave you with memories for a lifetime.


What to expect

Departing from both Banff and nearby Canmore at multiple times throughout the day, our float tours are approximately one hour in duration. Drift down gentle waters with the assistance of our skilled guides and relax as you pass significant landmarks like the Tunnel Mountain and Mount Rundle, World Heritage sites, and more. The Bow Valley is bursting with vibrant flora and fauna for you to explore on your leisurely float. Tours are suitable for children 2 years and 30lbs and up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need A wet suit or other waterproof clothing?
    No, unlike whitewater trips, our river floats typically do not result in your getting splashed, eliminating the need for waterproof clothing. We do, however, recommend that you dress in layers as the breeze off the river can be quite cool.
  2. Will I need to paddle?
    No, all navigation is done by your guide.
  3. How long are your trips?
    All trips are approximately one hour in duration.
  4. Is food provided?


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