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Home to famous peaks, miles of untamed wilderness and stunning views around every corner, Banff National Park is a picturesque escape that draws thousands of visitors each year. Known worldwide for its unbeatable ski slopes during the winter, Banff transforms into a lush green paradise during the summer months, full of rugged beauty just begging to be explored. From miles of trails that are perfect for hiking to crystal blue lakes, rushing rivers, and plenty of activities to cater to every style of adventurer, there’s no shortage of way to enjoy this natural wonderland. Whether you’re in search of your next heart-pumping adventure or are looking to unwind with one of your favourite outdoor hobbies, Banff is an ideal vacation spot for everyone.

Canada’s Rockies are a fisherman’s dream, renowned for lakes and rivers teeming with an abundance of trout. With multiple tours available you’ll be able to hone your skills and enjoy some quality R&R in one of the most scenic areas Alberta has to offer. From wading to boating expeditions, Banff Adventures has you covered.

Relax and unwind for a few days or a half-day on one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. Whether you’re an experienced angler or want to introduce your little ones to your favourite past time, our experienced guides are here to help you experience the wonder of mother nature. Grab your fishing rod and get ready to make the catch of a lifetime!


Banff Fishing ACTIVITIES


from the novice to the expert



This three hour trip is the perfect introductory to fishing or for the angler who is traveling with family and has less time.

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renowned as a Fisherman's Paradise



Enjoy the mountain scenery as our guides take you to some of the best fishing spots in Alberta!

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Fishing in Banff

Welcome to freshwater paradise! Banff National Park is full of stunning lakes packed to the brim with wildlife and multiple different species of fish suitable for catch and release. The upper Bow River is well known among anglers worldwide for its abundance of brown trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish, as well as smaller populations of cutthroat, brook and bull trout. 

The largest lake in the park, Lake Minnewanka is another popular favourite and offers boat trips for anglers. Rated among the top 10 lake fisheries in Canada, these gentle waters are perfect for finding your next big catch!


What to expect

Banff Adventures offers multiple fishing trips typically beginning in mid-May and last through to early September, weather permitting. Ranging from 3 hrs to a half-day excursion on Lake Minnewanka, each tour pairs you with a skilled local guide, provides the necessary permit needed to fish within the Park (standard provincials passes are not applicable) and gives you ample opportunity to learn more about this picturesque World Heritage site. See the Rocky Mountains from a unique perspective and learn tips and tricks that are sure to help you make the ultimate catch of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do You Provide Fishing Equipment?
    Our half-day lake excursion supplies all necessary equipment including rods, reels, tackle and the most modern electronic and sonar equipment to help locate the fish. Lunch is also provided on this trip.
  2. Can I Bring My Children
    Yes. Both of our trips are suitable for adventurers ages six and up.

  3. How Long Are Your Trips?
    Our tours are 3 hrs or 4-6 hrs respectively.
  4. Is food provided?
    Our half-day Lake Minnewanka tour includes a boxed lunch.


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