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If you’ve ever visited the Rockies but wondered if you could see it with the wind in your hair, wonder no more. Our ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) tours give guests the thrill of wilderness adventure. Off-road lovers will get their fix as they travel across mountain ridges, visit old mines and see the Canadian Rockies from high above the valley floor.

Experience the richness of the Canadian backcountry on our half-day tours as you traverse creeks, plateaus, ridges, and winding trails. Sights and stops include wildlife and historic stops at Susan Lake outside of Golden, B.C., Paradise Ridge and Paradise Mines in Panorama B.C. Our guided ATV tours offer an exhilarating activity on four wheels for guests of any age and ability to enjoy.


Off-roaders will love our ATV tours; riding a 4x4 down some of the oldest mountains in the Canadian Rockies. ATV tours are fully guided and there are variety of trails to suit all ages and abilities. You can be the driver or passenger on a half day tour. The tours operate from 2 locations, Panorama & Golden.




Half Day Tour



Visit the remnants of an early 1900's Silver Mine located at 8000 ft.

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Waterfall  2 Hour Tour - Panorama

Experience our mountains 



Travel through pine forests and stream crossings to see a spectacular waterfall.

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Golden's back country



Experience the natural beauty that Golden's back country has to offer.

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ATV Tours from Banff

Immerse yourself in unparalleled wilderness in Golden and Panorama. Along the way, you might encounter all variety of wildlife and alpine birds, colourful wildflowers, a spectacular 100-foot waterfall, and alpine bowls carved into the mountainsides. You cannot ATV inside Banff National Park, so tours depart outside the boundaries in Panorama and Golden.


What to expect

Our tours are fully guided excursions; each one includes training before you head into the wilderness, ensuring not only your safety but also the best possible experience for you and your group. You may see remnants of a silver mining town from the 1900s at the top of a mountain on the Paradise Mine Tour. In Golden, soak up the pristine beauty at Susan Lake. You get to choose whether to be the driver or the passenger on our 2-hour, half-day, or full-day tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included when I book an ATV tour?
    Everything you’ll need to have a fun, safe tour is included with your package: the machines you ride, the safety equipment you'll need such as helmets and visors, and coveralls to keep your clothes clean.
  2. How many people can fit on an ATV?
    We have both 2-person and 4-person ATVs available for use on our tours.


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