A Winter Journal - What to do in Banff this Winter

10 Jan 2016

A Winter Journal - What to do in Banff this Winter

A Winter Journal - What to do in Banff this Winter

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If you are planning a trip to Banff this winter, you may be wondering about all of the exciting activities in the area, and what to do in Banff. There is plenty of fun awaiting you, from the family friendly all the way to extreme sports. Banff Adventures wants to show you how extraordinary a week can be during the wintertime in Banff! Things to do in this winter paradise are not in short supply.

Day 1 - Skiing/Snowboarding: 

Banff is internationally renowned for its skiing resorts in Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, and Mt. Norquay. This is the perfect way to start off your trip to Banff. Book a day on the slopes and experience some of the best alpine skiing in the world. The bonus is the spectacular views.

Day 2 - Snowshoeing: 

If you want the experience of being truly immersed in nature while on your trip to Banff, go snowshoeing. There are opportunities at Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Fortress Mountain, and Marble Canyon. The snowshoeing excursions vary in difficulty, so you should check age restrictions if you have children.

Day 3 - Ice Climbing: 

How many people can say they have climbed up a frozen waterfall? If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking for something extreme and exciting, you should try ice climbing for a half or full day while you are in Banff.

Day 4 - Dog Sledding: 

An ancient and thrilling experience! Cuddle up in blankets and be transported by expertly trained dog teams on a dog sled. Just wait until they run at full speed! A dog sledding tour is an activity you'll ever forget.

Day 5 - Snowmobile Tours: 

For those people that love their toys! There are exhilarating and unique snowmobiling opportunities in Paradise Basin, Kicking Horse, Golden, and in the backcountry. Gear up and go move some powder.

Day 6 - Ice Fishing and Banff Hot Springs: 

Don’t miss out on the special fishing experience you’ll have in Banff. The fish are plentiful and there are experienced guides to take you out fishing. You can take a trip to the hot springs after spending the day out on the frozen lake.

Day 7 - Sleigh Rides & Tubing: 

If you have a family you might want to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride departing from Banff or Lake Louise. You could even make this a romantic date with a private sleigh ride. You are guaranteed to make a special memory for your kids (and you’ll feel like a kid again yourself) when you go snow tubing in Lake Louise or on Mount Norquay. We hope there are giggles and squeals of delight along with the wind in your face.

A fun filled, memorable week is just a call away. Let us show you what to do in Banff in the winter. Contact the travel specialists at Banff Adventures at 1.800.644.8888, or drop us a line at [email protected]. With our knowledge of Banff events, we’ll help you plan an amazing trip.


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