26 Feb 2016

Incredible Meals You Must Eat in Banff

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When you're on vacation you want to engage in fun, memorable activities; you also want to eat great food too! We have compiled a list of the incredible meals meals you need to eat while you're staying in Banff. There are no shortage of world class restaurants in this community and if you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie, they are sure to meet your high culinary standards.

Eat Pizza at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. or Bear Street Tavern:

  • Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. prides itself on making pizza with farm fresh ingredients straight from local suppliers. You can find popular choices such as the Naturally Meaty pizza with crisp green peppers, spicy ground beef, Italian sausage, red onions, tomatoes, topped with fresh herbs and a mix of mozzarella and asiago cheese. Don't be afraid to stray from the beaten path either and try the Apple Chicken Harvest made with rosemary-lemon chicken, sliced Granny Smith apples, red onions, tomatoes, pesto, with mozzarella and aged cheddar cheese.
  • Bear Street Tavern honours it local community of Banff with pizzas such as The Bison made with smoked bison, caramelized onions, edamame beans topped with mozzarella and The Wheeler Hut which includes wild forest mushrooms, pine nuts, mozzarella, pesto and drizzled in truffle oil and honey

Eat a Burger at Rundle Lounge or Saltlik:

  • Located in the Banff Springs Hotel, Rundle Lounge is home to The Yoddler, which was voted the best burger in the Bow Valley. It's made with tarragon, mustard aïoli and is topped with bacon & smoked onion jam, crispy jalapeños and aged white cheddar.
  • If you go to Saltlik for a burger make sure you get the Royale with Cheese, a Burger Wars Certified burger! This burger packs a punch with a half pound of Kobe style beef, crispy bacon, topped with an aged white cheddar and veggie toppings on a brioche Kaiser.

Eat Steak at The Maple Leaf or Saltlik:

  • Craving a steak? Saltlik has a 7 oz Petit Beef Filet adorned with béarnaise sauce. If you're feeling extra hungry, go for the impressive 17 oz. Bone in Ribeye topped with citrus rosemary butter.
  • The Maple Leaf keeps their meat local with their Alberta Prime New York style steak, they serve up this tasty cut of meat withbeer battered onion rings, mashed potatoes and garnished with grilled tomatoes and balsamic jus. You'll also be delighted by the Central Alberta Bison Tenderloin that's wrapped in bacon and served with a side of potato dauphinoise, stilton and cumberland jus.

Eat Wild Game at Grizzly House or The Bison Restaurant:

  • If you're in the mood for some wild game go to Grizzly House and try the Hunter Fondue Bourguignonne
    which includes buffalo, wild boar and venison. If you're feeling more daring order the Exotic Fondue Platter which shark, alligator, rattlesnake, ostrich, frogs legs, buffalo and venison.
  • The Bison Restaurant does wild game a little differently; they fuse it with comfort food. Have the Bison Ravioli and Scallops garnished with squash purée, brown butter, sage, and parsnip chips or the Gnocchi Poutine made with elk meat and authentic Oka cheese curds, smothered in truffle gravy with fresh herbs for a truly satisfying dining experience.

Eat Mexican Food / Tapas at El Toro:

  • El Toro specializes in combining Canadian cuisine with a Mexican flourish such as their Valbella Bison Chorizo sausages served with a díjon aioli. They also have well-known Mexican favourites such as fajitas, burritos and enchiladas. Don't forget their wide selection of Spanish tapas.

Eat Greek Food at The Balkan:

  • The Balkan boats delicious Greek food with a modern twist. You can order something completely traditional like Moussaka which combines ground beef seasoned with cinnamon combined with roasted zucchini,eggplant, potatoes. They also serve dishes that show off this restaurant's contemporary vision of Greek food with the Athenian Chicken, a crowd pleaser, with chicken stuffed with leeks, spinach, baked with tomato sauce and Feta cheese.

Go for Coffee at Whitebark Café of Wild Four:

  • You'll be blown away by the quality of the coffee, and the latte art, at Whitebark Café.They pair their delectable coffee with equally enjoyable muffins, granola, pastries and cookies; all made in-house.
  • Wild Flour not only serves amazing coffee, they are a baker with an impeccable reputation where you can sit for breakfast, lunch, have a pastry, or take away some of the best bread you will ever eat.

Gastronmical bliss is yours if you take the advice of Banff Adventures and have one of these meals at one of Banff's outstanding eateries.


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