Via Ferratas in Mount Norquay, Banff: Beginner to Advanced

5 Sep 2023

Via Ferratas in Mount Norquay, Banff: Beginner to Advanced

Via Ferratas in Mount Norquay, Banff: Beginner to Advanced

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Looking to take your climbing to the next level? Via ferratas are climbing routes where climbers fasten themselves to permanent steel fixtures such as cables and rungs to increase safety and aid the climber along their journey. These typically exist in mountainous areas such as the Alps or the Canadian Rockies. A via ferrata is done for the ascent, though a descent can be done.

This one-of-a-kind mountaineering adventure is for anyone 12 and up with a hankering for adrenaline! Take our more intense routes if you are looking to diversify from your normal climbing routine. If you are less inclined to heights but are hoping to enjoy a Banff via ferrata tour, we have options for you, too! Read on to find which Mount Norquay via ferrata will suit you best.

Beginner Route: The Explorer

The Explorer via ferrata route in Banff lasts about 2.5 hours, which is perfect for families or adventure seekers on a tighter timeline. Over that time, your guide will introduce you to the equipment and become familiar with climbing techniques and safety until your group is ready to go on a couple of fun, easy pitches. With this fun route, you’ll also get to see the Rockies from the suspension bridge on Mount Norquay!

Intermediate Route: The Ridgewalker

The Ridgewalker is a via ferrata that takes about a half of a day to do, complete with surreal sights of crisp mountains, lush forests, and more. While this one also takes on the suspension bridge, it takes up a bit more of the day and offers more enticing routes to established climbers. Please pack water and snacks to keep up your energy!

Advanced Route: The Summiteer

Almost a whole day event, the Summiteer via ferrata combines the fantastical views of other trails with the added bonus of a second suspension bridge crossing over a deep chasm. This one lasts the longest, at about 6 hours, and is for more confident climbers. You’ll experience the view of the Rockies at over 2,400 meters on the east summit of Mount Norquay as you eat a rewarding lunch. 

We do offer free rental equipment for each of our via ferrata tours, but we highly recommend that if you own broken-in hiking boots, waterproof layers and a good-quality backpack, please bring it along on your tour. These will be more comfortable for you and avoid giving you unnecessary discomfort on your climb. Banff Adventures experts also recommend layering up with warm but removable layers.

Ready to Get Your Climb On with Banff Adventures?

No matter how much experience you have or what kind of adventure you want to embark on, Banff Adventures has you covered! Got questions? We would love to chat with you. Contact us today or book your next adventure through our website.


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