Top 5 Banff Summer Rental Adventures

28 Aug 2023

Top 5 Banff Summer Rental Adventures

Top 5 Banff Summer Rental Adventures

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Are you looking for an exciting adventure for your family this summer? Banff Adventure has you covered with multiple action-packed summer rental packages to choose from. Hauling a kayak or multiple mountain bikes can be a pain. We thought about that too! Our rental packages equip you with every piece of equipment you’ll need for a successful adventure.

Surrounded by the glory of the great outdoors is when the best memories are made. What can be more picturesque than canoeing down the Bow River, admiring the crystalline waters with your whole family? Soaring up Sulphur Mountain in the Banff Gondola and admiring the panoramic views? Riding horseback through the shallow waters of Spray River with your kids and enjoying the running water?

Keep reading to learn more about our rental packages and how you can make these magical memories.

Picking Up and Returning Rentals

When you are ready to embark on your adventure, you can pick up your mountain bike rental from our Banff Adventures store at 211 Bear Street. Canoe rentals can be picked up from the Banff Canoe Club on the corner of Bow Ave and Wolf Street.

The return process is just as easy! After completing your adventure, simply bring your borrowed gear back to the stores you picked them up from.

The beauty of our vacation packages is that activities do not need to occur on the same day. You can space out your visit for whatever fits your schedule, so you don’t need to worry about fitting a canoe, kayak and mountain bike into your vehicle all at once.

Rental Package Types

Best of Banff

The Best of Banff is easily our most popular vacation package, and for a good reason! This package treats guests to a one-hour canoe ride down the Bow River, tickets to the Banff Gondola or Mt. Norquay Chairlift pass, and your choice between a one-hour horseback ride along the Bow River or Spray River!

Paddle Power

Our Paddle Power package combines our famous Kicking Horse Classic Rafting trip with a 2-hour canoe rental on the Bow River in Banff! This ride combines the exciting splashes of white water and the calming ride of a canoe, all in one thrilling package.

Sights & Heights

Take in the glory of Banff’s natural scenery with the Sights & Heights package, which includes a 1-hour canoe rental and a ticket for either the Mt. Norquay Chairlift or the Banff Gondola. Pop by the Banff Canoe Club to pick up your rental canoe, and then make your way to the Bow River or Vermillion Lakes to paddle around and listen to the sounds of nature.

Paddle & Ride

If you’re looking for a package with two different speeds, the paddle and ride package is for you! This package includes a two-hour mountain bike ride and a 2-hour canoe rental. Increase your heart rate on a bike ride through the wild Rocky Mountain trails, and wind down with a gentle canoe ride down Bow River!

Out & About

If you want to traverse land, river and sky, this package is for you! The Out and About package includes a 2-hour mountain bike rental, a 2-hour canoe rental, and a ticket to ride the Banff Gondola. This package is tailored to fit nature lovers looking to experience Banff National Park from mountain peak to forest floor!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the rental process, package details, or need to sort out a place to say, please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team. They would be happy to assist with the planning and developing of your itinerary!


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