Banff Horseback Riding: What to Know and How to Prepare

28 Aug 2023

Banff Horseback Riding: What to Know and How to Prepare

Banff Horseback Riding: What to Know and How to Prepare

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If you’ve never been near a horse before, the thought of hopping on its back and letting it walk around with you on it can definitely be nerve-wracking. At Banff Adventures we understand that not everyone who wants to ride a horse knows how to. The truth is, riding a horse should be relaxing and fun! If you are experiencing worry or hesitation to go horseback riding in Banff, let us give you some information that will hopefully convince you it’s nothing to be afraid of.

What to Know

Who is horseback riding in Banff for? What are the temperament of the horses like? How do you even ride a horse? We understand that these questions can keep you from riding a horse, even if it’s something you desire to do. Let our team at Banff Adventures answer those questions for you here. 

Who is Horseback Riding For?

Everyone ages 8 and up! You do not have to have experience with horses to join a Banff horseback riding tour. If you are under 18, please make sure to bring a guardian to ride with you. Our expert guides will teach you everything you need to know, and will be with you at all times. If you are ever uncomfortable or unsure of what you are doing, please do not hesitate to ask one of our guides. We welcome everyone to come horseback riding with us, and do not want anyone feeling unsafe or nervous.

How Do You Ride?

If you are worried about the process of how horseback riding in Banff works, rest assured that your tour guide will walk you through every step of the way to ensure your absolute comfort and safety. We will not require you to do any fancy tricks or tough trails on our horseback riding tours. On top of this, we will only ever allow you to ride suitable horses. All of our horses are tame and gentle; perfect for any rider of any experience level. 

How to Prepare

Preparing for the adventure and having the knowledge of what it will look like to go horseback riding in Banff are two different things. Even with all of the information in the world, someone could still feel ill prepared. For everyone preparing to go on a horse, here are some preparation steps to take.

What to Wear/Bring

For the most comfortable Banff horseback ride, we ask that all our riders wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Even though some days may be hot, we promise you will be much more comfortable if you choose pants over shorts. Sandals and flip flops are unsafe, so we require closed-toed shoes for all riders. If your ride is on a hot day, please bring sunscreen, a hat, water, and bug spray at your discretion. 

What should I expect?

Once you make your booking, we will direct you on next steps. Please be sure to check in at least 30 minutes prior to your booking, and we will provide helmets after you sign a waiver. If you are under 18 make sure you have a guardian with you! Your guide will instruct you on how to mount and how to ride your horse, and they will be with you at all times.

Have Fun in Banff, Go Horseback Riding!

Banff Adventures is your safe method of trying new things, like horseback riding in Banff. If you still find yourself hesitating or having questions, we’d love to provide clarity and reassurance. Contact us today!


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