30 May 2016

Up in the Saddle: Horseback Riding Trips to Remember

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Imagine basking in the sun, proudly up in the saddle of a sturdy, intelligent horse through some of the most majestic views in the world. Banff Adventures has a wide variety of horseback riding expeditions to suit your ability and comfort level with interacting with horses and nature. We want to provide our guests some tips and information prior to taking your trip.

Our tips for a successful horseback riding trip:

  • Bring proper clothing: To ensure you are comfortable on your trip you need to be prepared with the proper attire. You should wear jeans, sturdy boots and layer your clothing if you are going on a day trip. You should avoid shorts, capri pants and open toe shoes.
  • Get to know the animal: When you are gearing up for your trip you should take a few moments to introduce yourself to the horse. You can do this by approaching the animal from the front, hold out your hand slightly in front of its nose and let the horse smell you, then pet and rub down the horse it before mounting. As you are riding you should also pay attention to its body cues. You can tell when the horse is anxious by being observant.
  • Mount from the left side: You should mount your horse from the left side by putting your left foot in the stirrup and holding onto the horn, swing your right leg over and pull yourself up into the saddle.
  • Position in the saddle: The horse will respond to how confidently you hold yourself. You should have the balls of your feet firmly on the on the stirrup and hold the reigns evenly. The horse will become confused if you move the reigns around.
  • Use your legs: Some people report being sore after horseback riding. You can avoid this through riding the horse properly. If you lift yourself slightly out of the saddle holding your weight in your legs, you'll experience a smoother ride when trotting or cantering.

Looking for a Short Trip?

A short trip is perfect for kids or first-time riders who have limited experience with horses and may not be completely confident riders. Banff Adventures recommends a 1-3 hour trip. You can take a ride to Spray River, Sundance River Loop, or a longer ride our to Sulphur Mountain.

Looking for a Day Long or Overnight Trip?

If you have experience on a horse and want to interact with the animal and be out in nature for the day you can go on a full day or overnight trip. You will even have a delicious meal of Alberta beef provided for you during your ride.

Multiple Day Trip?

A confident and experienced rider could enjoy being totally immersed in horse culture and in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains for a 2-5 day trip. This feels like a true adventure, waking up in the mountain air each morning, hopping onto your horse and riding through some of the most spectacular and rugged land Canada has to offer. You can choose to use tents, or opt for a stay at the Sundance Lodge for sleeping accommodations.

Check out our diverse horseback riding packages which have options to suit the experience level and comfort level with the outdoors. Call 1 (800) 644-8888 or e-mail [email protected] to book your trip.


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