Get Walking in the Rockies: Hiking in Banff

2 Jun 2016

Get Walking in the Rockies: Hiking in Banff

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The Government of Alberta has given Queen Elizabeth II a beautiful birthday gift for her 90th birthday: The Commonwealth Walking Trail in Banff National Park which will be opened in September of 2017. This walking trail is a wonderful addition to all of the diverse and hiking options you can choose from in the area. Whether you take a guided trip, or strike out on your own, ere is your guide to hiking around Banff

Our Tips for an Amazing Hiking Adventure:

  • Plan your route: Take a map of the trail where you plan to hike so you can stay on course when you are unsure of the area. You should also take a mobile phone in the unlikely event of an injury or emergency.
  • Take water and a small snack: When you go on a hike it;s important to keep up your energy and stay hydrated.Pack a small snack and bring enough water. You should take at least 250 ml per hour you anticipate being out on the trail.
  • Dress properly: When going on a hike you should layer up and wear the proper clothing to make you comfortable. If you are on a long hike the weather could turn and you want to make sure you are prepared.
  • Wear sunscreen and bug spray: and of course you want to do this during sunny weather Most hikes will last a couple of hours. Avoid a sunburn and annoying bug bites by putting on sunscreen beforehand and bringing bug repellent with you
  • Use bear deterrents: When you are hiking in more remote areas or in the back-country around Banff you need to be conscious of the chances of encountering a bear and take the proper precautions to assure your safety.

Do you want to stay close to town?

If your plan is to stay near Banff and explore some of the trail close to town there are a lot of options! You can go for a quick hike, keep close to the action, while still being able to appreciate the beauty of the mountains and wilderness that these trails have to offer.

Do you want to stray from the beaten path?

If you want to challenge yourself and crave an escape from civilization, you should try a walking trail farther from town. These trails will vary in length and difficulty so make sure everyone who is going on the hike is physically capable and prepared to navigate the specific trail you're considering.

Contact Banff Adventures to learn more about the hiking opportunities you can experience on your trip. You can book online, call us at 1 (800) 644-8888, send us an e-mail [email protected]


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