Get Wild with Banff Adventures Wildlife

2 Jun 2016

Get Wild with Banff Adventures Wildlife

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Banff National Park is home to a wide range of animal species. The biodiversity in the area is truly astounding and you can experience this by going on a wildlife tour. An experienced guide will create a memorable experience by providing the maximum opportunities to see wildlife. Banff Adventures would like to reveal some helpful advice and benefits of going on a wildlife tour.

Our tips to remember for your wildlife tour:

  • Keep you distance from the wildlife: Many animals in Banff National Park are large and can be dangerous if they are cornered and feel vulnerable. for your own safety, give wildlife a wide berth while observing them.
  • Follow the lead of your tour guide: Your tour guide is knowledgeable about animals and plants that are in the park. You should always listen to their instructions and follow them to the letter as they are there to give you a great experience and keep you safe.
  • Be calm and quiet: Increase your chances of spotting wildlife at an optimal viewing distance by remaining tranquil and reserved while on your tour. You don;t want to scare animals away by being perceived as a threat.
  • Leave the land the way you found it: Remember that you are in a protected area and we aim to conserve the land and leave it as unspoiled as possible for future generations. Do not leave your belonging or trash in the areas you visit and reduce your impact on the land.
  • Bring a camera: You'll regret it if you don't bring a camera to capture the animals you see. Your phone may not do the best job of zooming enough as you have to stay at a respectful distance from the animals.

Here is why you should go on a wildlife tour:

  • It's educational: A wildlife tour is amazing for the entire family and because your tour guide is a wealth of information, you walk away with an increased knowledge of the wildlife you see and the land we share.
  • Develop an appreciation for animals: We have a wide variety of animal species in Banff National Park, seeing them in the flesh develops a different perspective about wildlife.
  • It promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being: Many scientific studies back up the claim that modern society disconnects us from nature and its ability to reduce stress and help people become more relaxed.
  • Encounter wildlife in a safe and structured way: Your tour guide knows the most popular spots to view animals and how close you can get to them and remain safe.
  • Encourages conservation of animals and nature: You will learn about the threatened species in the park and how you can help protect them so that their survival on our planet is ensured into the future.

Come and see the variety of wildlife that lives in Banff National Park. Contact Banff Adventures to book your wildlife tour by calling 1 (800) 644-8888 or e-mail[email protected] .


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