8 Jun 2016

Skydiving: Let Banff Adventures Give You the Thrill of a Lifetime

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Skydiving is on of the most thrilling activities that Banff Adventures has to offer. It is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life and guaranteed to be a blast. We also appreciate some preparation along with the fun and we want to educate our visitors about skydiving and the packages that Banff Adventures has to offer their guests.

Tips for first time skydivers:

  • For your first time, you go tandem: A tandem jump is when you are attached to a professional instructor. They do all the work such as pulling the rip chord and maneuvering you to the landing zone. This gives more peace of mind and a better experience for first time divers.
  • Wear looser fitting comfortable clothes: Your best clothing choices for your jump will probably be comfortable athletic wear. You will be provided a jumpsuit to wear over your clothes. Also, leave you glasses in the hotel room.
  • Get a good night's sleep: It is advised that you are fairly well rested before you go on your skydiving adventure. You want to be alert and remember all of the safety information that you will briefed on before you go up.
  • Eat a regular meal: You might be tempted to skip breakfast as you feel your stomach might react to the jump. That's just nerves. It's actually recommended that you eat a regular meal, but don't overdo it, before going skydiving.
  • Don't bring electronics: You have to skydive a certain amount of times before you are allowed to wear any electronic equipment on your person. You won't be able to bring any camera or video equipment with you on your jump.

What you can expect from your skydiving experience:

  • You should arrive early for your skydiving session: You will have to fill out forms and prepare for your safety training session so it's best to show up early.
  • You get a safety training by certified instructor: It is a requirement that you be present for a 30-45 minute safety ornamentation seminar before you are allowed to jump.
  • You gear up: You have to get into your skydiving jumpsuit. and prepare the safety equipment before you get on the plane.
  • You will probably be nervous: You will probably feel a bit anxious and feel the nervous energy on the on the plane ride up to 10,000 ft.
  • You jump: Your instructor will tell you when to jump, you'll experience a thrilling 10-second free fall, then your instructor pulls the parachute.
  • You will slowly descend: You will experience a moment of relief when the parachute catches you and you are sailing through the air with an astonishing view of the area.

Take a look at the skydiving packages offered by Banff Adventures. Call 1 (800) 644-8888 or e-mail [email protected] to book your skydiving experience,


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