Sightseeing in Banff: 5 Popular Spots & Adventures to Take In

4 Aug 2021

Sightseeing in Banff: 5 Popular Spots & Adventures to Take In

Sightseeing in Banff: 5 Popular Spots & Adventures to Take In

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Welcome to the beautiful Canadian Rockies! Home to miles of lush green forest, blue sparkling lakes, and over six mountain ranges, Banff National Park is a little piece of paradise here on earth, and one of the country’s biggest natural playgrounds. Each year, visitors from all over flock to the Alberta Rockies to take in the beauty and excitement that’s just waiting to be found among our many peaks. If you’re among the many adventurous souls getting ready to visit Banff and the Bow Valley Region, Banff Adventures is here to help! Below, we’ve compiled a short list of 5 must see spots in and around Banff. Read on to learn more!

1. The Town of Banff

Even if you’re only here for the weekend, be sure to spend some time in Banff proper and take in the historic wonders and quaint charm that our little town has to offer. Though the town has grown from a sleepy hideaway to a more bustling hub in the Rockies, there’s still so much tranquility to be found here, as well as a delectable dining scene, boutique shopping opportunities, and a wide variety of shopping options available.

2. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is approximately 40 minutes north of Banff and is home to a stunning namesake lake that attracts countless guests to its bright blue waters all year round. Perfect for hiking around in the warmer months and skating and snowshoeing during the winter, Lake Louise is a must-visit for those looking for iconic Canadian views!

3. Moraine Lake

Speaking of iconic views, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Moraine Lake, which is also known as Canada’s $20 view, thanks to it being heavily featured on a previous version of our $20 bill. Located just 20 minutes away from Lake Louise (60 minutes from Banff), there are plenty of hiking trails in and around the lake, and the lakeshore trail makes it easy to snap plenty of Instagram worthy shots while you’re there! As a word of advice: the lake can be extremely busy during the summer months, we recommend getting there as early as possible if you plan on parking directly at the site or booking a shuttle pass ASAP.

4. Soar to New Heights

The Banff Gondola, along with the various other chairlifts and other gondola spots in the region give you the opportunity to soar into the clouds and see the Rockies like never before. The Banff Gondola is a must-visit in the region and provides you with panoramic views of 6 mountain ranges, access to fine dining and more!

5. Plenty of Trails to Explore

One of the best things about visiting Banff is that you’ll never run out of sightseeing opportunities. The Rockies truly are the ultimate playground with countless trails to explore and ways to experience the region like canoeing, horseback riding, rafting, and everything in between, the Rockies truly are the ultimate playground!

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