Via Ferrata: Tackle The Mountains Using an Iron Road!!

15 Jul 2021

Via Ferrata: Tackle The Mountains Using an Iron Road!!

Via Ferrata: Tackle The Mountains Using an Iron Road!!

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Are you looking for a unique way to experience the Rockies and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime? Banff Adventure’s Via Ferrata tours are a one-of-a-kind activity found in a select few spots around the world. Designed to give explorers the perfect blend of hiking, bouldering, rock climbing and more, Via Ferrata is perfect for adventurers of all skill levels hoping to tackle the mountaintops with a little added safety.

Banff’s Via Ferrata tours take place on Mt. Norquay and offer four different trips to choose from: The Explorer, the Ridgewalker, the Skyline, and the Summiteer. Ranging from 2.5 hrs to 6 hrs in total, these tours are a great way to stay active and see the Rockies like never before. Learn more about Via Ferrata torus with Banff Adventures below!

What is Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is Italian for “Iron Road” and refers to a protected climbing route carefully crafted with a steel cable that follows the route and is fixed into the rock of the mountain face. Using a specialized harness, climbers secure themselves to the cable for safety and stability and are able to traverse the course easily encountering ladders, bridges, and more. Your guide will take you through a diverse course of mountaineering features, while also helping you learn more about the mountain and the region itself. These tours make it easy for you to tackle the mountains with confidence and comfort, all while taking in breathtaking views.

Frequently Asked Questions

As one of our popular summer options, the Banff Adventures team receives lots of questions about Via Ferrata tours below are some of our most frequently queries:

Is Via Ferrata Physically Demanding?

While you will be somewhat assisted by the rope that clips you into the Ferrata track, you do need to be able to walk and climb several flights of stairs in one go. For this reason, we advise that anyone partaking in these tours is of a reasonable fitness level.

Do I Need to Bring Any Equipment

No. Your tour will provide you with all the necessary equipment including helmets, guides etc.

Can I Bring Food and Water?

For extra “fuel” we recommend bringing a small bagged lunch, an energy bar, and trail snacks, along with ample water to keep you hydrated.

What Do I Need to Wear

For comfort and safety, we highly recommend wearing sturdy hiking boots, as well as breathable athletic clothing that will give you a full range of motion. Bear in mind that weather in the mountains can change rapidly, so keeping a thin rain jacket in your pack is always a good idea, as is bringing sunscreen!

Want to Learn More!

Tackle the iron road by contacting Banff Adventures today.


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