Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Banff Adventure Ice Walks

6 Apr 2021

Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Banff Adventure Ice Walks

Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Banff Adventure Ice Walks

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Are you looking for an activity that allows you to stretch your legs and experience the Rockies firsthand? Banff National Park is home to endless stunning sites, including six mountain ranges, miles of lush forestry, and plenty of natural formations waiting to be explored. Located just off the Bow Valley Parkway, Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular areas amongst visitors all year round. Ice walks are the ideal family-friendly activity for those looking to get a hands-on feel for the wilderness, while still having peace of mind navigating a manmade walkway. Learn more about our ice walk tours below!

Talk a Walk On the Wild Side

Johnston Canyon is a wonder to behold all year round, with thousands of pounds of rushing waters forming numerous falls throughout the canyon during the summer months, along with plenty of wildlife visitors. During the winter months, the water freezes, creating breathtaking ice formations that glitter in the sunlight. Sturdy steel catwalks have been installed and make it easy for visitors of all ages and fitness levels to safely navigate the falls, especially during the colder months where the canyon can be quite slippery. Bundle up and prepare for a memorable adventure. You never know what you’ll find!

Ice Walk Tours with Banff Adventures

Banff Adventures offers three ice walk tours of Johnston Canyon ranging in duration from 2.5-4 hrs, including a nighttime option for those who wish to take in the falls after sundown. From the ever-popular Not To Be Missed to the Grotto Canyon Icewalk that allows you to take a look at native rock art and natural formations within the canyon, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Note: For 2021, Highway 1A is closed, making the canyon accessible exclusively by tour bus.

Wanting to explore the Canadian wilderness on your own? Banff Adventures carries all the equipment you need to venture safely. We readily stock equipment for a wide variety of activities all year round and are happy to ensure you have the best tools for your chosen adventure. Contact us today to learn more!


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