Banff in Spring: Your Passport to Adventure

23 Mar 2021

Banff in Spring: Your Passport to Adventure

Banff in Spring: Your Passport to Adventure

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Are you planning a last-minute winter adventure or spring getaway to the Rocky Mountains? Banff is a natural paradise all year round, but spring is truly a unique time to visit and one that often affords you the perks of a less busy travel period. Every year, as the temperatures begin to warm and the snow begins to recede, Banff “springs” to life with gorgeous colours and returning creatures around every corner. If you’re ready to take advantage of one of the most beautiful regions North America has to offer, learn more about some of the popular activities you can take part in when you visit!

Something Here for Everyone

While Banff is often thought of as a winter wonderland and is well known for its ski hills, the truth is, the town has so much to offer, no matter the season. Thanks to the high altitude of the Rockies, snow remains in the region for much longer than other locations, giving last chance skiers an extra opportunity to hit the slopes, and leaving room for activities like snowshoeing and cross country skiing as well. Banff Adventures proudly stocks all the equipment you need to plan an expedition of your own, from skis to boots, poles, snowshoes and more. Our high-quality rentals give you peace of mind navigating the landscape and ensure you can focus on making the most of your time.

Up the Ante

If you’re wanting to take part in a few activities that are unique to the region or pack that extra “oomph”, there’s plenty to choose from! Soar to new heights with the Banff Gondola, dash across the snow on a sleigh ride, get up close and personal with some fierce canines at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, trek through Johnston Canyon, and take in this beautiful piece of paradise, one activity at a time.

Extend Your Fun

At Banff Adventures, we make it easy to double your fun and experience even more of the great outdoors with our many packages. Designed to give you the ultimate Rockies experience and increase your savings, each package features unique excursions to choose from. From relaxed and laid back to hair-raising thrills, we've got you covered! Contact us today to learn more!


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