What You Need to Know About ATVing with Banff Adventures

12 Oct 2016

What You Need to Know About ATVing with Banff Adventures

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Machines, mountains and beautiful views are what you'll experience on an ATV tour in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Go further up into the mountains and discover areas that are out of reach on foot with excursions that last from 2-5 hours. Here are some tips you should keep in mind on an ATV tour with Banff Adventures.

You have to Travel: For conservation reasons, there is no ATVing allowed in Banff National Park proper. You will travel to Golden or Toby Creek in British Columbia to go on an ATV tour. You should plan accordingly if you want to do this activity on your visit to Banff.

You Don't Need Experience: The tour operator provides experienced guides that are extremely knowledgeable about ATVing in the area. These tours are appropriate for all skill levels, so don't shy away because you have never been on an off-road vehicle.

You Don't Need a Special License: To go an ATV tour, you don't require a special license. If you have limited experience with ATVs, it is a smart idea to tell your guide before departing and stay fairly close to them so that you can benefit from their expertise.

You Should Pack Light: You should keep your personal belongings to a minimum on your trip, but bring along a few extra items or layer your clothing. In the mountains, it can get chilly on morning tours, or if the weather turns while you are out and about.

Tips for a Safe & Enjoyable ATV Tour

Don't Drive Unless You are Over 16: Driving an ATV is not an appropriate activity for children. All drivers should be 16 or older to ensure they have the maturity and strength to handle the machine.

Only One Rider on the Machine: It is recommended that ATVs have only one rider. It is dangerous to double in terrain that can get rough and bumpy.

Carry a Communication Device: You should have a walkie-talkie with you to communicate with the guide as cell phone reception may not be available in these areas.

Dress to Protect Yourself: You need to wear your helmet and protective coveralls to ensure that you are protected from scrapes and bruises that might occur when going through rough terrain.

Never Operate an ATV under the influence: If you are going on an ATV tour, you must refrain from consuming alcohol or drugs. You can put yourself at risk if you operate an ATV while under the influence of substances.

Don't Stunt While Riding: There's no need to show off and stunt while on your ATV tour. Keep your machine on all four wheels and don't attempt maneuvers that are beyond your skill level.

Control Your Speed: ATVing in the mountains have a lot of obstacles and can have rugged terrain. You should always be conscious of your speed as there can be cliffs and loose rock that can pose hazards for speeding ATVs.

For more information or to book an ATV tour call Banff Adventures at 1 (800) 644-8888 or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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