Why you should discover Tubing this winter

5 Mar 2020

Why you should discover Tubing this winter

Why you should discover Tubing this winter

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Tubing may just be the greatest winter activity you have never heard of, or, at least if you have, then you automatically think of it’s summer variant. Whereas summer tubing sends you coursing down river in large rubber tubes, the winter version sends you speeding down snowy mountain slopes for a truly thrilling ride. For those who are interested in trying this unique activity, we’ve got a Q&A on what it is and why you should definitely not miss out on it before the season ends. 

What is tubing?

Tubing is the practice of travelling from one point to another in a large rubber tube. It’s comfortable and does not take any serious effort or training to master. In the case of winter tubing, think of skiing with less effort and a better seat.

Why should I try tubing?

Well, firstly, why not?! You may not hit the speeds you will if you were to ski or board, but you get to take a bit more time to really enjoy the beautiful scenery of the likes of Mt Norquay and Lake Louise. All the views with none of the effort seems great to us!

Who is tubing suitable for?

The beauty of tubing is that, unlike skiing and snowboarding, it really is suitable for the whole family. Kids are kept safe by the big inflatable rubber tube that encases them while there is enough speed on the slopes (as well as the incredible views) to give older riders a great experience too. Tubing is suitable for those aged 4 and up who are 42” or higher. 

Where can I go to Tube in Banff National Park?

Banff has two fantastic nearby tubing locations from which to choose from. Situated in the stunning surrounds of Lake Louise, Sunny Tube Park is open from 10am-4pm daily until May 23rd has 2 runs which are perfect for younger families, and those who are time-pressed or want to experience one activity in their day. The tubing park at Mt. Norquay(open 10:30am-4 every day, 5pm-9pm Fri & Sat) offers a more extensive network of slopes to enjoy, as well as a unique towing system will pull you back to the top!

What do I need to take with me?

Tubing is, unsurprisingly, an activity which does not require much investment in your kit. That said, it will likely be very cold on the hill so don’t get it mixed up with the summer kind and bring your bathers! Warm clothing, boots and gloves are highly recommended, as are goggles to keep the spray out of your eyes. Tubes will be provided on-site. 

How long does it last?

As we said above, both local parks are open from 10am-4pm (5pm-9pm at Mt. Norquay, Fri & Sat), and we would recommend setting aside at least 2 hours to properly enjoy the experience (if not the entire day).

What else do I need to know?

Just that you can get your tickets here, as well as great package deals with other Banff experiences here!



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