Ways to stay Warm in Banff this winter

26 Nov 2019

Ways to stay Warm in Banff this winter

Ways to stay Warm in Banff this winter

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With temperatures potentially reaching down into the minus 20’s (Celsius), it’s fair to say that keeping warm is a pretty essential consideration when visiting Banff. There would be nothing worse than having your trips and planned activities spoiled because you are too cold to enjoy them, so to help with matters; we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep toasty.

Wrap up warm

Getting the obvious out of the way first, ensure to pack suitable winter clothing. Thermal socks and underwear are a must have, as are a suitable winter coat, insulated gloves, scarves, snow pants and toque. It can seem like a lot to pack but you’ll definitely grateful you did!

Protect your feet

Another must have is suitable footwear to keep your feet warm. As there is likely to be a lot of snow on the ground, so waterproof, high-cut boots are a must have when getting around town. If your activities (such as going on an icewalk) are likely to take you into areas with higher snowfall, then proper snow boots are essential. Snow boots can be expensive, especially if you’re only visiting Banff for a short trip, so why not rent them for as little as $10 a day!

Mix indoor and outdoor activities 

While we make every effort to insure people’s comfort on our tours and activities, and regardless of how warm you wrap up, if you spend long enough outdoors then you may end up feeling the cold. Try to plan out your activities so that you have allocated time to warm up indoors. For instance, if you have a day where you are going on an ice walk and a sleigh ride, make sure to leave enough time in between to head into a cafe for a hot drink.


Wind chill can be a major factor when winter descends on Banff, and if you come unprepared it can really cut through you. Ensure that you have at least one outer layer which is wind and waterproof, to protect yourself from the elements and keep you warm and dry.

Keep active

It may seem obvious but making sure you are keeping active during time spent outdoors is key to helping you maintain body heat and good circulation. Activities such as snowshoe tours and cross country skiing are physically intensive and are a great way of keeping yourself warm while exploring Banff National Park, with both snowshoes and skis can be rented for a low daily fee from our store on Bear Street.


Photo Credit: Noel Hendrickson


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