What to Wear When Heli-Skiing

21 Mar 2018

What to Wear When Heli-Skiing

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Looking for an epic adventure that you and your crew are sure to remember for a lifetime? Banff Adventure’s Heli-skiing trips are the perfect way to make memories while carving up world-class untouched powder. If you’re craving the ultimate adventure and are wondering what to bring along, check out a few of our top tips below to make sure you’re suited up for the ride of a lifetime!

Prepare to Layer Up

As with any skiing trip, dressing in layers is a vital part of staying warm throughout your expedition. As the runs you’ll be on higher up and less refined, you may find it to be quite a bit windier as well, so you’ll want to ensure that your various layers are able to protect you from the elements. A few good points to keep in mind are:

  • Layer up the same way you would if you were going backcountry skiing.
  • Ensure your jacket is waterproof (factor 7.1 or higher), windproof, and easy to get on and off over layers.
  • Plan to have a light-medium weight (depending on the weather) fleece jacket beneath your outer layer, as well as a breathable, moisture-wicking layer as your base.

Keep Your Head Warm

An uncovered head is one of the quickest ways to lose heat and risk overexposure to the elements. Protect your ears and keep the rest of your body comfortably warm by donning a well-fitted wool toque that won’t easily slip off if you pick up speed. In addition, it’s advisable to wear a polyester neck warmer to help keep warm air close to your skin.

Sunscreen and Goggles

Sun and snow may sound like the perfect combination while you’re on the slopes, but the reality is that sunny days can pose a hazard if you don’t protect yourself. UV rays reflecting off fresh powder can do some serious damage, causing conditions like snow blindness and painful sunburns. Regularly applying sunscreen (SPF 30 and higher) and wearing snug goggles will help you avoid both dangers and enjoy your time without worry.

Gloves and Wool Socks

Finally, skiing with frozen fingers or toes is fun for no one! Keep your hands toasty with water-resistant gloves, and a thick pair of wool (not cotton) socks to keep your feet nice and warm throughout the day.

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