27 Dec 2017

Tips for Your First Ice Climbing Adventure

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If you’re looking for a brand new way to take on the Rockies and create a vacation you’ll never forget ice climbing is the perfect fit for active adventure enthusiasts. Learn more about this unique activity, as well as a few best practices below.

Ice is a Tricky Wall of Scale

Unlike rock formations, ice is a constantly changing substance that is highly sensitive to ambient temperature and weather conditions. Your climb early in the morning will be very different than your climb that same afternoon. This tendency for the surface to shift means that there are no permanent routes or tracks to follow, so every single climbing experience will be different.

Follow Your Guides

Because ice can be difficult to scale, it’s important that you pay close attention to your guides, both during the initial instruction and while you’re actively climbing. Their goal is to keep everyone safe, and their experience dealing with the temperamental nature of the structures you will be climbing means that heeding their advice is paramount to your safety and success.

Dress Warm

Since you’ll be dealing with ice for the duration of your climb, things will be understandably chilly. Dressing in layers will give you the ability to spare a few items without losing your overall source of heat. You’ll also want to make sure you pack a pair of snug gloves, boots that fit snugly (while still leaving room for thick socks) and wear wool socks. These will help you stay warm and maintain a good grip while climbing.

Bring (Easy to Access) Snacks and Warm Beverages

Since you’ll be quite active, bringing along a few high energy snacks will help you keep moving throughout the day. As your hands will be a little cold, and likely clad in gloves most of the time, you’ll want to limit your snacks to items that are easy to open and consume. Bringing along a thermos of a hot, hydrating beverage is another great way to ensure your body has the energy you need to keep moving and stay warm.

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