Banff Ice Walks: Discover the Beauty of Banff's Canyons

18 Dec 2017

Banff Ice Walks: Discover the Beauty of Banff’s Canyons

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Looking for a family-friendly winter activity that even your littlest adventurers can enjoy? Banff Adventures offers a selection of icewalk tours full of spectacular views. Treat yourself to a one-a-kind trek through some of most beautiful natural formations the Rockies have to offer, and enjoy sipping hot chocolate during one of our nighttime walks! Banff Adventures offers guided tours of both Johnston Canyon and the Grotto Canyon, giving explorers a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the crisp winter air. To prepare for your icewalk, and to make sure you remain as comfortable as possible on your trek, follow our tips below.

Dress Warm

Our tours are approximately 2-2.5 hours (walking time) in length, so dressing warmly will help you to ward off any chill and fully enjoy the beauty around you. Wear a winter jacket, warm hat, mitts/gloves, wool socks, and boots with decent traction (heeled boots, or shoes with slick soles are not recommended) to keep cozy and to ensure you don’t lose your footing along the way.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

One of the most magical aspects of our canyon walks is the history and visual art created by the natural landscape. Look closely, and you might just spy ice climbers scaling of Johnston Canyon, or spot Grotto Canyon’s infamous Native pictographs. No matter where you tread, your guides will be able to share the many stories and facts associated with your stunning surroundings.

Stay Alert

While our tours are safe and supervised, it’s always best to stay aware. Ice can be tricky to navigate, particularly in warmer weather where the risk of melt/freezes occurring becomes higher. If you’re bringing little ones along, it’s important for everyone’s safety that you aid our guides by explaining the importance of proceeding through the canyons with caution and without roughhousing.

Want to learn more about booking an ice walk, or to treat a loved one to an extra special holiday gift? Contact our team now!


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