25 Sep 2017

Go Mush! Your Guide to Festive Dog Sledding

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As we continue to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the team here at Banff adventures bids a fond farewell to a summer full of fun and excitement and welcomes the coming cooler months. Why? Perhaps you’ve heard of our world famous ski slopes come winter. There’s no doubt that we’re big fans of hitting the powder ourselves (and even offer a heli-skiing expedition for those wanting to reach new heights), but one of the best ways to have true Canadian experience is to race across the snow in a dog sled.

Dogsledding is deeply rooted in Canadian history, has been a method of transport for everything from medicine (which gave birth to the Iditarod race) to other valuable goods during the fur trade, and, of course,…people! These days, the bond between human and canines remains strong, though the necessity for delivery by dog sled is less common. Instead, dog sledding has become a unique and thrilling way to take in the great outdoors like never before. At Banff Adventures, we are pleased to offer a variety of dogsled tours for those looking to make unforgettable memories while trailblazing through the Canadian Wilderness. For those looking to take their adventure to the next level this winter, we’d like to offer the following tips/facts to help you on your way!

Book Early

If you’re planning on visiting the mountains during the festive season, particularly December, it’s best that you plan to book your expedition as soon as possible. Banff is busy town year-round, but visitor traffic tends to hit peak numbers during the holiday season. We try to pair people with as many runs as we can, but the safety and health of the dogs are paramount. You can read more about the treatment of all dogs involved in our tours, along with some great first-timer tips in one of our previous blog here. To avoid disappointment, giving us as much notice as you can is greatly appreciated.

Come prepared

Another challenge we sometimes face during peak season is individuals arriving for their tour in attire that simply isn't suited for the activity or the elements. Again, you can find more about what to wear in our previous entry, but for your safety, we really must stress how important having the right gear is. Even on a “warm” winter day, traveling at moderate speed through snow is a chilly experience. Add in the natural kick-up from the dogs, and the potential for a sudden shift in the weather, and you’ve got a recipe for some pretty nasty windburn or potential frostbite if dressed poorly. We never want to turn adventurers away, but guests that arrive under dressed will be asked to either return with more appropriate clothing or to rebook.

Prepare to have some serious fun

Simply put, going out on the sled is an absolute blast for everyone involved! Our tours include many different options to help you make the perfect memories to take home. From campfires and ‘mystery cookies’ to photo ops that are guaranteed to make the family album, we have a trip that’s just right for everyone. Find out more about our dog sled adventures by contacting us today!


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