5 Breathtaking Things to Experience in Banff This Winter

25 Nov 2016

5 Breathtaking Things to Experience in Banff This Winter

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Looking for something exciting to do in 2016 or 2017 this winter season? Well, look no further! The following is a list of 5 exhilarating activities that you can try on your next visit to Banff National Park.

Dogsled Tours

Dog sledding has always been one of the most popular winter activities in the Rocky Mountains. This is one experience that you won’t soon forget. Just imagine yourself driving a dogsled team of Huskies through the scenic Canadian Rockies. You can take in the stunning panoramic views while crisscrossing through the gorgeous lakes and forests of Banff National Park. Visit the Banff Adventures Dogsled page for more information on Dogsled Tours.

Heli Skiing

It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned expert; almost nothing can lift your spirits like a one day heli-ski adventure in the Rockies. Who wouldn’t love to ski the fresh powder on the vast untouched slopes while surrounded by scenic glaciers? You will love the gorgeous tree runs on the unspoiled snow that wind through the stunning Mountains. Visit the Banff Adventures Heli Skiing page for more information on Heli Skiing.

Ice Walks

If you are an individual who isn’t looking for something that will boost the adrenalin too high, but still want to witness the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies, you will certainly want to consider going on a spectacular Ice Walk. At Johnston Canyon, you can tread along the steel catwalks to view the fabulous frozen waterfalls. On the Grotto Canyon walk, you’ll stroll on a frozen creek bed and glimpse the ancient rock art on the canyon walls. Visit the Banff Adventures page for more information on Ice Walks.

Snow Boarding

Snow Boarding is truly the ultimate winter activity. Never learned how to snowboard? That’s okay! Banff Adventures has packages to support beginner skiers and boarders. Lessons are a relaxed and enjoyable way to prepare yourself for the mountain riding experience by learning vital downhill techniques. You will go through the correct ways to stop, slice and tackle the slopes in a safe manner. Visit the Banff Adventures Skiing and Snowboarding page for more information on Snow Boarding.

Sleigh Rides

If you’re visiting Banff National park, why not treat your family or friends to a pleasant, western style sleigh ride across the winter pastures? Set against the scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, these rides are an affordable easygoing winter activity that children and adults alike will absolutely love. The outings usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour, which is the perfect length of time to enjoy the winter weather. Visit the Banff Adventures page for more information on Sleigh Rides.


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