1. Do I need to tip?
    Tipping is customary in Canada, especially for restaurant servers, drivers and guides. 10–20% of the price is an acceptable amount to tip, depending on the service provided.
  2. Do I need a vehicle to get around Banff?
    The Town of Banff offers a public transit system, called 'Roam'. For schedules, route maps and rates visit the Town of Banff at banff.ca
  3. What time does the park close?
    Banff National Park never closes. The information and ticket booths at the entry to the National park windows close at 11pm but you can still drive into the park. Just have to purchase your park pass the next day.
  4. Where can I see a grizzly bear?
    As animals are wild, there is no set schedule or placing for viewing wildlife. If you would like a guaranteed bear siting, you can enjoy our Discover Grizzly Bear tour which visits the Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear refuge from June - September.
  5. How much are the park fees?
    Banff National Park Fees vary, depending on the duration of stay and number op people in your party. For more information regarding fees, please visit http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/ab/banff/visit/tarifs-fees_e.asp?park=1
  6. How far is Lake Louise?
    Lake Louise is located 45 minutes west of Banff. You can take the Trans Canada HWY 1 West, or the more scenic route of the Bow Valley Parkway.
  7. Do I need Canadian funds?
    As Banff is a Canadian city, the currency used is Canadian dollars. Some stores and hotels may accept US dollars but it is safest to carry Canadian funds and a credit card. A 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST) applies to all purchases (including food). Please make sure that you account for the tax when paying.