Welcome to Banff National Park’s water paradise!

Lake Minnewanka is Banff’s largest body of water and a centrepiece in many of the regions most popular activities all year round. From landing your next big catch on the fishing line to taking a leisurely boat cruise or spying the world-famous “bubbles” underneath the ice during winter, there’s an adventure waiting here for everyone!

Located just 15 minutes away from the town of Banff, Lake Minnewanka (Lake Minn-waki in Stoney Nakoda, or Lake of the Spirits) is a must-visit for lovers of the great outdoors and is the only body of water in Banff National Park to allow the (limited) use of powerboats, making it ideal for scenic boat cruises during the summer months.

Natural Beauty Awaits

Lake Minnewanka is a glacial-fed lake that spans a total of 21km (13 miles) and holds over 466 feet of stunning blue water. Thanks to its close proximity to Banff, along with its stunning scenery, Minnewanka is a top choice for summer picnics, mountain bikers, long-distance runners, hikers, canoeing, diving, and even snowshoeing and skating during the winter months. Packed with a rich history that spans over 100 centuries, this natural gem is sure to take your breath away!


Summer Activities

lake Minnewanka in summer

Lake Minnewanka is home to a wide variety of summer activities making it a hotspot for visitors. Banff Adventures is pleased to offer rental equipment for recreation pastimes like canoeing and bike rides as well as be your first choice stop for thrilling adventures like fishing (the lake is one of the best in Canada) and lake cruises.

Banff Adventures offers 2 lake cruise options throughout the warmer months, both of which last approximately one hour and treat you to unparalleled views as you travel across the water. Whether you’re looking to make memories while sipping craft brews with friends on our beer voyage, or learn more about the region on our standard tour, you’re sure to enjoy your time on the water!


Winter Activities

lake Minnewanka in summer

It’s no secret that Banff is a winter paradise, with thousands of travellers flocking from all over the world to its infamous slopes and ski chalets. With that being said, Banff National Park is far more than just a ski town, and is the perfect place to explore all sorts of winter activities including cross country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, and more. As the park’s biggest lake, Lake Minnewanka is the perfect spot to play in the snow and observe the natural beauty that blankets the region. From the majestic and awe inspiring methane bubbles that rise to the surface from beneath the ice to skating figure 8’s surrounded by soaring peaks, your perfect adventure is waiting!