Banff Adventures - Dog Sledding Tours

Are you looking for an iconic Canadian activity for your family?

A dogsledding tour is one most unique and memorable tours you can take in the Rocky Mountains, and we offer several of the best tours around Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore. These trips are designed for tourists and seasoned travelers of all ages and levels of experience, from couple hour rides to entire day journeys.

What Can You Expect?

banff dog sledding tours

An age old Canadian tradition, Dogsledding is one of the most unique adventures you can take. Get up close to the mountain scenery with a rustic trek in the oldest form of Canadian winter transportation.

Sled tour packages include an orientation, chance to meet the dogs and a relaxing camp fire conclusion to share stories.

Dog sledding brings breathtaking views in a thrilling and adventurous way, taking you through the forest and mountains, just like pioneers did hundreds of years ago.

Take a trail ride and learn about dogsled teams and how these beautiful animals work together to create an exciting journey through the winter wonderland.

Family Friendly and Fun!

banff dogsledding dogs

The dogs are fun, friendly, and well trained to spend time around children, making for fantastic family vacations that create lasting memories. All the animals are well behaved and great for the kids, showing love and affection to people of all ages.

These four legged friends steal the show with their fun attitude, remarkable ability and fearless devotion. You’ll feel safe and secure with these loyal animals around.

With a series of trails, you can choose the dogsled ride you desire starting out of Banff, Lake Louise and other remarkable Rocky Mountain locations.

Our dog sleds activity packages include an opportunity to meet the dogs, take pictures and learn the history and care process for these beautiful animals.

Not Sure What to Wear?

banff dogsledding

Just like other winter activities, you have to be prepared. Dress like you would to go skiing, with layers of clothing, winter boots, hats and mitts.

Comfort is very important to enjoying the Rocky Mountains, so dress up and get cozy underneath our warm blankets for your sled journey.

With occasional breaks and time to relax by the fire, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch your breath and warm up!

Ethical Animal Treatment

banff dogsled tours

The respect and care for the dogs is critical, and there is full transparency about the living conditions and breed history.

Dog sledding is a family adventure that needs to be supported by obedient and approachable animals, so quality treatment of our furry friends is always the top priority.

At the onset of all tours you will receive an overview of the dog sled process and how we work tirelessly to maintain happy and well behaved dogs.