30 Nov 2016

Banff’s Heritage: What Are Dog Sledding Tours?

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Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that suggests humans in the far Northern regions of the world have been working with canines for thousands of years. In fact, the settlement of the Arctic would likely not have been possible without the assistance of our four legged friends. Dog sledding itself is a tradition that dates back many centuries and is one of the most exciting and unique excursions that one can experience. There is almost no better way to view the incredible mountain scenery that the Canadian Rockies have to offer than by taking perhaps the most historic mode of transportation available. Dog sled tours even give you the chance meet the dogs, and of course, head home with stories you can share for years.

Ethical Animal Treatment

Northern dog breeds like Huskies were not chosen for pulling sleds by accident; they were picked and bred especially for this task because the other types of dogs could not withstand the cold weather nearly as well. Several breeds stand above all others regarding adaptation to snowy, subzero temperatures, including Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and Canadian Eskimo Dogs. These animals share a set of enhanced skills suited to dog sledding, like wildlife detection, and awareness of ice conditions. The truth is that dog sledding is a family friendly excursion that requires the presence of obedient, friendly animals, which means that humane treatment of the dogs is crucial. Living conditions, diet and training all come into play on a daily basis and must be held to the highest standard.

Dressing for the Weather

As with all winter activities that involve prolonged exposure to the elements, proper attire is a necessity for dog sledding tours. That means layering your clothing, and wearing toques, mittens, scarfs and appropriate footwear. It is important to be comfortable as well as warm, so make sure your outerwear is loose enough to enable movement, but not so baggy that it hinders you. Finally, try to take breaks whenever possible to warm up inside or by the fire.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Banff Adventures website for additional details about Dog Sledding Tours.


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