14 Mar 2017

Celebrating Canada's 150th: Summer Edition

There’s no better time to take in Canada’s natural beauty and explore our backyard. For those worried about facing the “hassle” of increased traffic to the area, rest assured that once you’re off main roads, there’s plenty of space to share!

13 Mar 2017

Rocky Mountain getaways: how to make your day trip count!

Stir-crazy and itching for your next adventure? It might just be time to schedule a quick mountain getaway. With endless ways to relax and blow off steam, The Rockies are sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated. To help you plan your mini escape, we’ve compiled a short list tips to getting the most out of your time in.

10 Mar 2017

Calling all Locals!

Banff has long been a world-renowned vacation destination for travellers looking to experience the Canadian landscape and the famous Rocky Mountains. Take a walk around town, and you’re sure to meet new friends from all over.

8 Mar 2017

Thrill Seekers Wanted!

Heart pumping, skin rippling, grin-inducing adventure: Adrenaline Junkies, you’ve found your next destination! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is a thrill seeker's paradise. At Banff Adventures, we understand that sometimes the beaten path needs to be left behind.

8 Feb 2017

Choose Your Own Winter Adventure with our Specialty Packages

A trip to the mountains can be one of the best forms of relaxation, but the cost of planning a vacation can often put a damper on excitement. The advantage of using an adventure company to help plan your activities is substantial savings, allowing you to combine exciting options at a fraction of the typical price. Banff Adventures is proud offer a wide variety of opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the Rocky Mountains without the financial stress!

7 Feb 2017

Experience the Wonders of Banff with Snowshoeing

An activity steeped in Canadian history, snowshoeing provides a fantastic adventure for those looking to discover the outdoors in a new and exciting way. Take in the magnificent Rocky Mountains while enjoying the benefits of a unique form of exercise that’s suitable for all fitness levels.